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Payment Plan Details: For New Players on the BR: The cost for new players is €599. Get started with an initial payment of €300. Pay the remaining balance of €299 before your 2nd 60-minute lesson.

For New Players on the BR: The cost for new players is €599. Get started with an initial payment of €300. Pay the remaining balance of €299 before your 2nd 60-minute lesson.

This package is recommended for all levels of golfer, including professionals, Its is tailored to each client.

* The 12 weeks starts from the first session and not the assessment.

Break down of the Bundle Reload package:

  • 60 minute physical assessment (Mike Murphy RAPID) *
  • 90 minute 3D Motion Capture assessment.*
  • Threex 60 minute lessons over the 12 weeks.
  • Final lesson 90 minutes on week 12, allowing for a 30-minute assessment to evaluate progress made over the 12 weeks.
  • Weekly Check-ins with the team.
  • You’ll receive a lesson kit bag with a tripod, bands and notepad to help you with your practice.
  • Free online webinars.
  • Wedge Clinics: For €10, participants can attend Wedge Clinics, which include balls.
  • Putting Clinics: Participants can attend Putting Clinics for €5.
  • Free group sessions which will take place every 4-5 weeks.
  • Gym workshops with Mike and the instructor will be available at a rate of €10, focusing on mobility and speed.
  • Online BR zone: Participants will have access to the new Online BR zone.
  • Skill challenge test: Each player will be asked to do a skill challenge test every 3-4 weeks at no cost to track your progress.

Exclusive assess that normal 1-1 lessons don't offer.

The exclusive access will Included:

  • Access to the Coach Now app. This includes online support 24/7 to help your progress by allowing you to send videos of your swing with a professional assessment and reply being sent back within 24hrs.
  • A tailored programme specific to each player. This programme will be developed following a personal consultation as well as being based upon the outcome from previous assessments or past bundles.
  • Weekly check in with Sergio and his team by text and on his app.
  • Priority booking 2 weeks before the booking system comes live. (Booking will open 3 weeks in advance which means you now have the ability to pick a time that’s more suitable for you before it opens to the public.)
  • After session video replay of each lesson.
  • Access to our new online drill center (coming soon).
  • Use of the latest technology including 3D systems to help us assess your swing as well as motion capture during your session if needed.
  • Access to the studio for your own practice session using Flightscope and swing catalyst video at a reduced rate of €45 for 50 minutes (normally €65) (T&C)

We strongly recommend that you use one of your 4 hour lesson bundle within a 3-4 week period in order to get maximum benefit from the package. More information below about the terms and conditions of this bundle time frame.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The bundle must be used within 12 weeks from the first lesson and not the assessment. Once 12 weeks have passed from the first lesson you will no longer be able to avail of the VIP Access Package benefits. You will be given the remaining, unused bundle amount as credit. * How the credit is done we take the payment made and subtract the following ( Assessment physical €70, Assessment 3D €175, then the balances is split between 4 lessons) whatever lessons is left that the value of credit given), as this package is sold as experience. This can be used towards further lessons for a period of 5 years from the time of bundle purchase however such lessons will be charged at the full standard/individual lesson rate.
  • Bundles can be placed on hold if you provide medical certification from your GP.
  • Prior to starting, bundle packages will need to have a separate assessment lesson carried out for any player who hasn’t received a lesson since 1st September 2021 to 1st June 2022 ( This Will end on the 1st of July) or had a full 3D assessment carried out within the last 6 weeks.
  • Bundles cannot be redeemed in 90 minute sessions.
  • 48 hr cancellation policy applies.
  • Vouchers that have been purchased prior to 1st June 2022 cannot be used to purchase bundles as a discount price has be given to such vouchers.
  • Access to the studio deal is mid-week from 10am to 4pm. Balls are not included.
  • Balls are not included in bundle or one-to-one lesson at the Spawell Golf Academy

VAT Included in total price.

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