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the bundle reload in person


Lasting results require a clearly defined progressive PROGRAM to facilitate long term success.

the bundle reload Program?

BR is an all-inclusive 12-week program designed to help golfers of all skill levels achieve their goals and improve their game. Whether you’re struggling with slices, duffs, distance control, pain, or consistency, this program is customized to address your specific needs and enhance your skills.

Did you know that the 12-week program doesn’t start until the player has their first lesson in person and not the assessment?

The program includes two assessments: a 60-minute physical assessment with Mike Murphy and a 90-minute 3D session with Sergio Coyle Diez. Additionally, you’ll receive four 60-minute lessons. The program starts when you have your first lesson with Sergio, and we offer weekly check-ins to keep you on track, along with access to our online app where you can upload videos of your swing and ask questions. You’ll also have access to our new BR Zone, which features drills, seminars, and more (coming soon).

We provide you with a lesson kit bag with a tripod,bands and notepad to help you with your practice. 

The physical and motion capture assessments are critical components of the program, as they help identify any physical limitations that may be affecting your swing and create a plan to enhance your abilities. We also conduct a skill challenge test during each session to track your progress, which is crucial in determining your progress and keeping you accountable.

The program is perfect for any golfer who is serious about improving their game and willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen. With the guidance of Sergio and his team, you can achieve your goals and become a better golfer.

New: Three supervised practice sessions per month over the 12 weeks.

For golfers who cannot make it to Sergio’s studio in Dublin, we also offer a 12-week Bundle Reload online program (The 12 weeks program doesn’t start on till your start your first lesson with Sergio). This is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their game but cannot attend in-person lessons.

Don’t wait any longer to become the best golfer you can be. Sign up for the BR program today and let’s get started!

Payement Plan for BR:

New Player: Initial payment of €300. Remaining balance of €299 to be paid before the second 60-minute lesson.

Renewal Players: Initial payment of €200. Remaining balance of €189 to be settled before the second 60-minute lesson.

2023/2024 Bundle Reload Schedule for clinics and group sessions: CLICK HERE:


We are delighted to introduce an exclusive offering for our esteemed past members who joined us in 2021!

Explore the benefits that await you:

Access Exclusive Clinics for only €15!

Monthly Supervised Practice Sessions at just €15 (Limited to 3 spots for past members!)

BR Zone Website Access at an unbeatable price of €5.99 per month!

Experience Golf Outings starting in 2023!

Enjoy two coupon codes for a 60-minute lesson at a reduced rate of €55 each! (Limited to two after each program, T&C applies, available only to players who finish the program after 12/11/2023)




Physical & Swing Assessments

1-1 Lessons

24/7 Online Support

Course Strategy

Online Webinars


Understanding how to gain speed

Group lessons each month

Weekly check-ins with the team

Short Game, Putting Clinics at reduces rate

Access to the BR Zone


We have put together a comprehensive lesson kit bag to enhance your practice sessions and warm-ups. The kit contains a sturdy tripod that you can use to hold your phone in place while recording your swings. We've also included a phone holder for the tripod to keep your phone secure.

In addition, there's a notepad for you to jot down notes and record your progress during your practice sessions. We've also included a key chain for easy access to your keys and a band that you can use to improve your flexibility and warm-up before hitting the course.

We believe that this kit bag will be a valuable tool in helping you improve your game.

WHAT TO EXPECT at YOUr assessments when you sign up


When you sign up, you’ll start with a comprehensive assessment to identify areas for improvement and take your golf game to the next level.

The assessment process includes two sessions with our experts. First, you’ll meet with Mike at his studio for a 60-minute physical evaluation. He’ll assess your movement patterns to identify any factors that could be affecting your game.

Then, you’ll have a 90-minute assessment with Sergio at his private studio at the Spawell Golf Academy. Using advanced video analysis, 3D motion capture, and other tools, Sergio will assess your swing and identify any inefficiencies or faults. He’ll also evaluate your posture, alignment, and other factors that may be impacting your game.

Sergio understands that every golfer has unique needs and goals. That’s why he’ll take your life balance and work schedule into account when developing a customized plan for you.

Based on the results of your assessments, we’ll create a tailored program for you, including drills and exercises to improve your swing and help you achieve your goals. Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you see progress and results over the coming weeks.

As part of the program, you’ll receive a kit bag with a phone tripod, notebook, and gym bands to use during your training.

Did you know that the 12 weeks program doesn’t start on till your start your first lesson with Sergio



exclusive access THAT IS Included:

As part of the BR program, we provide you with a goodie bag that includes a tripod and bands to use during your time on the program (NEW MEMBERS). You’ll also get access to the Golf Coach app, which offers online support 24/7. You can send videos of your swing for a personalized assessment, and you’ll receive a reply within 24 hours.

Additionally, you’ll have access to the Bundle Reload Clinics and evening sessions each month for just €5. If you’re on the program, you’ll also receive a discount for extra lessons. Morning lessons (11am-3pm) cost €50 for 60 minutes, while afternoon lessons (4pm-9pm) cost €60 on weekdays and €70 on Saturdays. This offer is available to anyone on the program during the 12-week period.

Your program will be tailored to your specific needs, following a personal consultation and based on the outcome of previous assessments or past bundles. You’ll also have weekly check-ins with Sergio and his team using the app.

You’ll receive priority booking four weeks before the booking system is open to the public, giving you more flexibility to choose a time that’s suitable for you. After each session, you’ll have access to a video replay of the lesson. Plus, you’ll have access to our new online drill center (coming soon), and we use the latest technology, including 3D systems and motion capture during your session if needed.


Finally, you’ll have access to the studio for your own practice sessions using Flightscope and swing catalyst video at a reduced rate of €45 for 50 minutes (normally €65) (T&C).


The physical screening is an important part of the assessment process and is included in the autumn/winter Bundle Reload program, it will help to identify any physical limitations that may be affecting your swing and develop a plan to improve them.

During the physical screening, our physiotherapist will take you through a series of medical tests that will evaluate your mobility, stability, balance, coordination, strength, and power as they relate to your golf swing. This allows us to build a program that will help you overcome swing compensations that might be a result of physical challenges.

The tests will include:

  • Mobility: This will assess your range of motion in various joints, such as your hips, shoulders, and spine, to identify any areas of restricted movement that may be impacting your swing.

  • Stability: This will assess your ability to maintain balance and control your body during the swing, and identify any areas that may be causing you to lose stability during your swing.

  • Balance: This will assess your ability to maintain balance and control your body during the swing, and identify any areas that may be causing you to lose balance during your swing.

  • Coordination: This will assess your ability to coordinate different parts of your body during the swing, and identify any areas that may be causing you to lose coordination during your swing.

  • Strength: This will assess your overall strength and identify any areas that may be causing you to lose power during your swing.

  • Power: This will assess your overall power and identify any areas that may be causing you to lose power during your swing.

The results of these tests will be used to create a personalized plan to help you overcome any physical challenges and play better, hit it longer and play without pain.


The start of our working relationship begins at the first session. It is here that we establish the goals you have for your game, and any particular issues that you have been bothered by. We will go through a questionnaire that helps to highlight the areas you want to focus on. This allows a tailored approach from the very beginning.


We utilize the Bull3D system to evaluates the characteristics of the golf swing which cannot be identified through the use of video. 


The assessment includes and analysis of each individual golfer’s biomechanics and how their body is intended to swing. The BioMetrix Assessment tells us key elements about the probabilities of how the body will move naturally and comfortably through the golf swing.

Ball & Club Data

We collect club and ball data, using our Flightscope launch monitor system, which helps us to remove the guesswork of what the club is doing through impact and shows us exactly how the ball responds when in flight.

Video & Ground Reaction

While the golfer is hitting shots we also collect vital data on our Swing Catalyst video system which is synchronized to high-speed video of the swing. Together with our new dual plates this gives us an in-depth understanding of precisely how the player is producing their ground reaction forces and when those forces are being applied during the swing.

Plan of Action

Immediately following the collection of your golf swing data, we will discuss the analysis and information with you. This will help you understand what you need to focus on, and how to best improve your game and practice sessions.


Performance Program To Work After Lesson

To help you reach your goals, From the information we have collected, we will build your personalized practice drills using GamyPlan.

time frame

The assessment, covering all of the above, lasts 150 minutes and we would then book your first lesson about 3 weeks after.

Terms and Conditions of the bundle reload:
      • The bundle must start within 3-4 weeks when signing up.

      • The BR lessons must be used within 12 weeks from the first session.
        If not you will have two options to your avail.

        Option One:
        Once 12 weeks have passed from the first lesson you will no longer be able to avail of the VIP Access Package benefits as this is an experience package that provides added benefits/ value for a designated period of time. You will be given the remaining, unused bundle amount as credit.
        *Credit is calculated as follows; The value of the following are subtracted from your initial payment: Physical assessment (€70) 3D Assessment (€175), the balance is then divided by 4 to reflect a per lesson value so we can calculate what monetary value is remaining. This monetary value can be used towards further lessons for a period of 5 years from the time of bundle purchase as per your statutory rights, however such lessons will be charged at the present time standard/individual lesson rate.

        Option Two:
        You can sign up for another 12 weeks and regain all access that was given during the initial 12 weeks. This also means that you will keep your remaining lessons at the initial value plus the 4 lessons from the new package over the next 12 weeks. This will revert to option one if the initial and new lessons are not taken in the next 12 week bundle period.


      • Bundles can be placed on hold if you provide medical certification from your GP.
      • Prior to starting, bundle packages will need to have a separate assessment lesson carried out for any player who hasn’t received a lesson since 1st September 2021 to 1st June 2022 ( This Will end on the 1st of July) or had a full 3D assessment carried out within the last 6 weeks.
      • Bundles cannot be redeemed in 90 minute sessions.
      • 48 hr cancellation policy applies.
      • Vouchers that have been purchased prior to 1st June 2022 cannot be used to purchase bundles as a discount price has be given to such vouchers.
      • Access to the studio deal is mid-week from 10am to 4pm. Balls are not included.
      • Balls are not included in bundle or one-to-one lesson at the Spawell Golf Academy
      Bundle Reload Schedule 2024

      Coming soon

      • October 2023
      • November 2023
      • December 2023
      NEW PLAYER €599


      Bundle Reload Online is now one of the most popular online golf programs in Ireland, especially for those who can’t travel to Dublin. The program has gained immense popularity due to its ability to provide measurable and desired results for golfers of all levels.

      Not sure where to start? give Sergio a call


      Frequently Asked Questions ABOUTthe bundle reload?


      How often should I have lessons with the bundle reload package ?

      The bundle must be used within 16 weeks from the first session to help you achieve your golas set out from the 90 minutes assessment.


      what happens if i don't complete the bundle ?

      You will be given the remaining, unused bundle amount as credit as in the T&C. This can be used towards further lessons for a period of 5 years from the time of bundle purchase however such lessons will be charged at the full standard/individual lesson rate and cant be used towards a new bundle.


      * Bundles can be placed on hold if you provide medical certification from your GP. 

      Do you teach a method?
      No. We coach each golfer as an individual, working with how they naturally move. You can’t have a “one fits all” approach with golf, we are all built differently and require different things from our game.

      Voucher policy, please note that vouchers purchased prior to June 1st, 2022 cannot be used to purchase bundle reload, as a discount has already been applied to these vouchers. However, if you have a voucher that was purchased in 2023, you may use it to purchase a bundle reload.